Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic Hooks The advantages of magnetic hooks are undoubtedly numerous. Magnetic hooks are able to be attached to any surface within seconds. They also have the strength to store all kinds of things. And despite their name, they can actually support more weight than you might think. Find out what to look for in a heavy-duty magnetic hook. It’s time… Continue reading Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic Hooks in Your Home

Using magnetic hooks in your home is a great method to organize small items that are difficult to keep in the right place. For example, you may have a small piece of equipment for sports or a key you want to hang from the wall. A Magnet Hook will allow you to store your items… Continue reading Magnetic Hooks in Your Home

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Types of Magnetic Hooks

Three Different Types of Magnetic Hooks Magnetic hooks are a practical and new way to hang objects. These handy devices are typically quite cheap and easy to install. They stick to metal surfaces with no need for drilling. There are three kinds that are available: Clip, Carabiner and Neodymium magnets. What are they? What ones… Continue reading Types of Magnetic Hooks

Small Items

strong magnetic hooks are an ideal way to keep track of small items that can be difficult to keep organized in your home. You might have a key or a small piece of equipment that you want to hang on the wall. A Magnet Hook will allow you to store your items in a readily… Continue reading Small Items