don’t know much

Although we don’t know much about magnetic materials, there are some things we know.

Magnets can be strong and long-lasting, but they may also be susceptible to corrosion or oxidation.

Disc magnetics are made from Neodymium and have large poles. They can be used in clothing and at home.

These three Neodymium Magnet Shapes are the most sought-after. These are the most sought-after Neodymium Magnet Shapes.

These are the 3 most in-demand Neodymium forms and how they’re made. These magnets are powerful and can be used to produce and maintain magnetic separators.

Neodymium magnets are made from Neodymium (and iron).

Flat, square, and round are the most common Neodymium magnet shapes.

There are two ways to make rings magnets.

Although neodymium magnets are strong, their magnetic power is lower than that of samarium-cobalt.

Neodymium bar magnets come in many forms.

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