Types of Magnetic Hooks

Three Different

Types of Magnetic Hooks

magnet hooks

Magnetic hooks are a practical and new way to hang objects. These handy devices are typically quite cheap and easy to install. They stick to metal surfaces with no need for drilling. There are three kinds that are available: Clip, Carabiner and Neodymium magnets. What are they? What ones do you need? Find out more! Learn how to use them. Here are some ideas to make your life easier by using the magnetic hook

Neodymium magnets

The magnetic properties that are extremely strong of Neodymium magnet hooks allow them to hold anything from paper clips to metal objects. Neodymium magnethooks are great for temporary fixtures like a refrigerator or clip strip holder. Each magnet measures 7/8 inches. in diameter and holds more than 20 pounds. To ensure security Neodymium magnet hooks are available in two-packs.


There are many types of Carabiner magnetic hooks. Regular magnetic hooks are well for holding items however they are more prone to fall off. Carabiner magnet hooks can be clipped closed to secure items. These hooks are an excellent option to secure items while hiking or camping. This hook is also suitable for use at home or in the office because it’s light small, compact, and sturdy.


Magnetic Hooks and Magnetic Clips are handy ways to attach various small objects to the magnetic board. Because they come in various attractive packaging they make excellent gifts. Large magnetic clips can be used to hang up instructions, brochures, and other types of information. They can be used indoors and outdoors and are affixed to ferrous metal surfaces. These devices come in various colors to fit with any design.

Hook of the standard-style

The standard-style magnetic hook makes the ideal choice for hanging signage, POS data or media. These hooks are versatile and easy to install. are compatible with horizontal and vertical ferrous surfaces. You can also sign up to receive notifications and updates regarding new product launches. To safeguard your privacy, you must agree to our Privacy Statement. You can also opt-out from receiving marketing emails from us. We respect your privacy.

The strongest magnet

The strongest type of magnet is the permanent. These are electromagnets, which depend on the strength of a magnet to draw a metal object. Depending on the amount of electric current that flows through them, electromagnets could be either weak or strong. Permanent magnets are typically stronger than temporary magnets. This type of magnet is designed for industrial purposes, but it is still stronger than most commonly used kinds. For instance, you can make use of it to connect the hammer to a piece of metal.

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